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TitleVoices of Volunteering - Mary Howard-Jones
DescriptionOral History - Mary Howard-Jones

Biography Sheet, Permisions, Summary Sheet, Transcriptions

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Mary Howard-Jones (MHJ) talks about her time as a WVS/WRVS/Royal Voluntary Service (RVS) between 1953 and 2014. She mentions her time as an ambulance driver for civil defence in the 1950s and 60s and the disbandment of Civil Defence. Also talks about being a village rep in Haverfordwest and being responsible for the Butter Mountain. Comments on moving to Mid Glamorgan, Wales, and getting involved with Old People's Welfare (OPW) after joining Citizens Advise Bureau (CAB), helping in magistrate's courts, hospital tea bars and visiting residential homes. Also talks about how her role in the county developed including becoming joint district organiser, Emergency Services (ES), training at Easingwold college, becoming a senior trainer, call outs to emergencies. Discusses her time as OPW organiser in Mid Glamorgan and how her role in OPW changed over time. Also discusses Darby & Joan Clubs, being on Coal House at War, giving talks to Welsh Assembly Members, MPs, Business men, launch of the WRVS computer and laying a reef at the cenotaph in London. Discusses being a volunteer partner and what the role involves including legacies. Mentions work with war widows and how WRVS stopped running the service and visiting other people as part of WRVS.
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CategoryOral History

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