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TitleVoices of Volunteering - Maureen Hall
DescriptionOral History - Maureen Hall

Biography Sheet, Permissions, Summary Sheet.

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Maureen Hall (MH) talks about her experience of being a WRVS volunteer in Norton-Canes, Staffordshire, from 1976 to present (2015). She describes her various roles such as working in the Prison Tea Bar at Featherstone, as part of the Meals on Wheels service (MOW) which she undertook for approximately 25 years and also with the Emergency Services which she was involved with for 15 years. She also talks about her role as part of the Norton-Canes Darby and Joan Club which she is still currently involved with, holding such responsibilities as Secretary of the club and then leader which she did until approximately 2011 and currently as the Vice-Chairman of the club's committee. MH also talks about the holidays and outings she has organised for the club and all of the sponsorship work she has done for WRVS, such as a sponsored swim for the Toy Library at Cannock Library.
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