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TitleVoices of Volunteering - Gillian Galloway
DescriptionOral History - Gillian Galloway

Biography Sheet, Permisions, Summary Sheet, Transcriptions

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Gilli Galloway (GG) talks about her work as a WRVS employee between 1993 and 1997 as a Community Services Divisional Manager in Wales and then South East England. She mentions services provided by WRVS during the 1990s including Meals-on-Wheels (MOW), Emergency Services (ES), Hospitals, clubs and children's holidays. GG then comments on being a company member for a year before it was replaced by the Vice Chairman's Committee in 1998. Also discusses her role as a trustee and board member during a time of change in the organisation between 1998 and 2004. GG mentions her role as a volunteer for Emergency Services (ES) in WRVS including some of the emergencies and exercises she had attended. Training and rest centre demonstrations are also mentioned, GG moves on to talk about her earlier involvement in Contact centre training and preparing to hand it over to the Association of National Contact Centres. GG talks about her more recent involvement with Royal Voluntary Service (RVS) and the WRVS Benevolent Trust and gives her opinions on the current situation in the organisation. She concludes with three of her favourite memories about WRVS: Meeting the Queen at Milton Hill, the Royal Garden Party and removing flowers from outside Kensington Palace after Princess Diana's funeral.
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